About the Course

Traditional Chinese culture is important integral part of the world history. Our proper interaction with Chinese is getting more and more important. It will be very beneficial to understand genuine traditional Chinese culture, Chinese people and a real China without communism.

Learning the Chinese language is a great first step into this journey!

At NILA, we pride ourselves on teaching you the Chinese language, culture and history that is authentic, traditional and free from the influences of the ruling Communist regime.


Why Learn Chinese at NILA

  1. Learn from home with our virtual classes
  2. Small classes (no more than 15 people)
  3. Teachers / students live interactions
  4. Teaching traditional Chinese language and culture

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Textbooks and Resources

Textbook: Let’s Learn Mandarin

The teaching materials are provided by the Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning

Private Tutor

Class Schedule & Cost

2 x 1 hr Online Classes
(2 one-hour class per week)

We are considering offering a small class for advanced students soon.

Class Schedule

Meet the Instructors

May Wang

Kexin Yu

Arjene Wang


"Prices,, learning material, and atmosphere cannot be beat."


Chaz B.

"I really can't describe how amazing the teachers are!"


Ray S.

”The teachers are professional and motivating and the speed of learning is fantastic. You can see yourself improving week by week. Prices, learning material, and atmosphere cannot be beat.“


Richard P.

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